can a cold turn into pneumonia

can a cold turn into pneumonia. The risk of pneumonia is also increasing after a cough with an ever-increasing cold. Pneumonia has become involved in such dangerous diseases that it has progressed from dangerous diseases like cancer and heart, and not knowing how many people have succumbed to this disease and embraced death And more children fall prey to this disease because their immunity to disease is less  come and those who have tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes, or the disease becomes more taxable.

can a cold turn into pneumonia 2019
can a cold turn into pneumonia

but people, usually consider pneumonia to be a minor disease which is very wrong. should not ignore but show Rather it should be seen by a doctor immediately.

so that we can know whether we have pneumonia or not.And the side effect of this is more during winter.

1. What is pneumonia

Pneumonia is an infection that causes air clots to flow into one or both lungs. The air sac may be filled with fluid or pus that causes pus, fever, chills and difficulty breathing.

2. symptoms of pneumonia

The symptoms of pneumonia vary so much that they are difficult to detect. When an infected person coughs and sneezes So its bacteria reaches the lungs through breath and infects another man, pneumonia attack is more on children.

We are going to tell you the symptoms of pneumonia

.  Vomiting

.  chest pain

Lower abdominal pain

.  Frequent fever

Excessive sweating

.  Loss of appetite

.  Nausea, vomiting, especially in young children

.  Pain in breathing

.  Mucus or bleeding when coughing

.  Nail color turning blue

If you or someone in your house has these symptoms, go to the doctor.

3. Due to pneumonia

can a cold turn into pneumonia 2019

can a cold turn into pneumonia. There is not, single cause of pneumonia. Many can be caused by it. The most common are bacteria. Whenever we breathe, some bacteria and viruses get into our body. Your body usually stops these germs from infecting your lungs.But sometimes these germs can strengthen your immune system.

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4. the treatment

We are going to tell you the treatment of this, which you should do, you will surely benefit from this, but if you have got Xra and you have more pneumonia then you should get it treated and correct it.

There is not much to be done for this just a few everyday foods are used.If you have got it very easy, then it is on our list, first of all there is turmeric pepper, fenugreek and ginger which  in every house.

. Sesame seeds

So all you have to do is to take sesame seeds in 300 ml water, 15 grams of sesame seeds, just a pinch of simple salt and use it daily by mixing one teaspoon of flaxseed and one teaspoon of honey.

. Ginger

There is also ginger in our list, it also has many benefits, you have to suck ginger, it reduces pneumonia, it can be sucked anytime.

. Honey

Drink one or two teaspoons of honey with a little lukewarm water will also be of great benefit.

. Drink 

Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day, but drink pure water.

. Take nuts, meat, and fish.

And veggie soup, nuts and seeds, organic, meats, poultry and fish to your diet Take.

5 . Pneumonia prevention

can a cold turn into pneumonia 2019

If you do this, then you can avoid pneumonia.

. If you go out then cover your mouth, it will benefit you that if someone has pneumonia and talks to you, you will not.

. Cover your face if you sneeze or cough.

. Do not use infected, person's clothes, handkerchiefs etc.

. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating anything.

Don't worry too much.

. Do not eat any of your own medicine.

Do not smoke and ensure a smoke free home.

. Keep the house warm and airy.

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