Child weakness

Child weakness / Fat children fat
Child weakness

child weakness: Many parents are very upset to gain weight of their weak child. In such a situation, many parents continue to worry about what to feed their children to increase the weight of their weak child.

Children are generally very careless in eating and drinking. It is very important for children to get complete nutrition. Children should consume a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, fat and protein every day. This is extremely important for their physical development.

Today we are going to tell you about some diets, which diet items should be included in the child weakness to gain weight.

Reason for child weakness

1. Child weakness: Bugs 

If your child's health is not improving even after eating a nutritious diet, then there may be bugs in his stomach. Do not allow children to eat chips, chocolate and other things to protect them.

2. Anxiety or depression

Both of these conditions are considered to be the main cause of fatigue and weakness, although young children eat and drink, but there are many children who worry about anything, if your survivors have weakness then it can happen. Is that it can be counted

3. Vitamin deficiency: Lack of vitamins is another reason for many people and there is weakness in children, if your child is weak then it may be that he is deficient in vitamins, so give him meat, fish, milk and cheese. And give green vegetables

Measures to remove child's weakness

Child weakness / Ways to get fat
Child weakness

1. Drink water- Water is very important for the body. Lack of water causes loss of energy in the body. So drink plenty of water for the children, but you only have to give 6 to 4 glasses to the children

2. Exercise- Ask the child to exercise, it not only corrects.

3. weakness but also corrects many diseases.

It is necessary to make a weak child fat. You should drink water for half an hour after eating your child. When the child wakes up in the morning, drink water after giving him milk or snacks. By drinking water half an hour before eating, the digestive system of the child remains fine. Whatever food the child eats.

4. Child weakness Milk

Child weakness / Ways to get fat
Child weakness
Milk is the main source of protein and carbohydrate. It contains many nutrients. To make your baby fat, you must give him at least two glasses of milk a day. In addition, you can also give curd to the child. Yogurt provides healthy bacteria to the child. Calcium is also present in plenty in yogurt, which increases the appetite of the child.

5. Oats in child weakness.

Oats are low in saturated fat and cholesterol, as well as protein. Make a pancake, kheer, fruit dosa etc. of your child's oats.

6. Egg consumption in child weakness. 

Protein can be obtained by consuming eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein. If about 100 grams of eggs are consumed, then 13 grams of protein can be obtained from it. In addition to Vitamin A in eggs, vitamin B12 is also good. The required amount of vitamin D can be obtained by regularly consuming 1 egg per day.

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7. Banana intake. Because 1 banana contains about 105 calories. Apart from this, carbohydrates are also obtained by consuming banana. If you want to increase your child's weight, then make them eat banana regularly.

Do not consume too much sweet or salty baby. Giving it in large amounts harm children. Therefore, they should be given to children in small quantities as much as possible.

8. Give eggs and potatoes to the child's weakness.

You can boil them with eggs and potatoes. Potatoes and carbs rich in carbohydrates and protein help to increase baby's weight rapidly.

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