how to kiss on lip

how to kiss on the lip. How much you love your lover with kisses is also evident. The way to kiss is different for everyone. You might not believe it, but if you are on a date or are having a koji at a party with a woman, then you need to go in the right direction.

how to kiss on lip 2019
how to kiss on lip 

The girls first get a sense of what their partner is like. That is, how far he will support them in life. Obviously, in such a situation, you need to know those things, by which you can make someone memorable. Apart from this, kissing also shows your ability to know how good a kisser you are.

 It is believed that closing the lips is not just a process of letting the other person put on the lips, but kissing gives the person energy and instills a kind of confidence in it. We are telling you some things, keeping in mind that by whom you can win the heart of any girl.

1. Don't panic

If you want to impress a girl, then do not panic at all. Go ahead with full confidence and kiss the girl in a good way. You will not be able to do well in panic, and you may hurt the girl in panic.

Therefore, do not hesitate to use the tongue and teeth while kissing. After trying these methods, you will realize yourself that you are a perfect kisser.

2. Bring a partner for a kiss

how to kiss on lip  2019

Gently hold the hand of your partner in your hands and draw her close to you, if she is blushing then make her feel comfortable and bring her face in front of your face. And kiss her forehead.

3. Keep lips soft

Keep your lips soft to kiss. If your lips are not soft, then take some measures to make it soft, because only soft lips will reach your heart.

4. Start kissing with partner's neck

 So first kiss his neck and chin and feel the partner's breath, feel the warmth and touch of his skin and then stimulate to kiss.

5. How to kiss put your lips on her lips

how to kiss on lip  2019

Hold the partner's waist with your hands fast and feel his breath, move your lips to his lips. Place the upper part of your lips on the upper part of your partner's lips and lower lips on the lower part and kiss his lips.

Then join lips to lips and try to put your tongue in his mouth. Now turn the tongue around in his mouth. 

It will happen that you and she will be so much in charge that you will either suck the jib in your mouth vigorously. Swap jib in each other's mouth and insert and rotate.

6. Choose the right place

If you are going to kiss the girl, it is very important to choose the right place. Choose a place that suits you and your partner will also like it.

7.Don't smoke

How would someone like that who smoked cigarettes immediately? Stay away from cigarettes before meeting your partner.

8. Chapped lips

Fix your cracked lips. There is no sense that you or your partner have problems with torn lips. Kissing should be a great experience. 

9. Kiss tips

1. Clean teeth properly.

2. When kissing, keep your eyes closed and feel from inside it.

3. No problem while kissing the partner.

4. Shave. Most girls believe that kissing a bearded man does not like to do, so you shave before kissing.

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