how to make new friends

how to make new friends. Friends are very important in every person's life, everyone wants to make friends in the world. A friend who listens to you understands you, gives you courage and takes you out of difficult times.

how to make friends mutual on facebook / how to make new friends
how to make new friends

Sometimes it happens that we have some such things that we cannot tell the family. In such a situation, there is a dire need of a good friend, but often we see that in the city, school, college, everyone makes friends, then it is not what we want and the old good friends, when all kinds of them If the contact is over, then there is a loneliness in life.

And then if we are looking to overcome this loneliness, then we have to make new friends, so we are going to tell you how to make a good friend.

1. Spend more time around people

If you want a right and good friend, then you do not sit with a mean temperament. If you want to make the right friend, then sit in such a place, your time will not be too bad and sitting with the right people is a good thing. Also, there should be at least two more people to learn. Popular people will not always treat you poorly. They only need to know you well.

2. People should be interested

You should be involved in a place whose interests are similar to your interests, it is not necessary to make friends th1at your interests are similar to them. Everyone in the world is different thinking and speaking. Mind and work are different, but some interests should be the same, from this you get a right and true friend, there are many people who are shy to talk but do not have to talk freely is.

3. Talk smiling

how to make friends mutual on facebook / how to make new friends

People should talk with a smile, there are many people who have not spoken properly, but you have to talk to people with a right smile and eye to eye.

4. Meet people again and again

how to make new friends. Many people meet a lot of people during the day and hang out together and they also like it but still have no friends.It is for this reason that they only meet once, should meet two to three times.

5. Do not do such things.

There are many people who scold friends and harass them, they call again and again. Forward the friendship slowly, do not try to increase intimacy forcefully. It can take a long time to become a friend from an acquaintance. So talk softly and lovingly.

6. Be loyal to your friend

Today, everyone has a tax friend but not a loyal friend. There are many people who have a lot of friends but not true friends. They only come to joy when there is a problem, they are not there to know you. Come or refuse, but you do not have to do this, you have to support your friend in any problem, because this is the friendship that accompanies him in his friend's troubles Will give.

7. Be loyal

how to make friends mutual on facebook / how to make new friends

A true friend is like Vishwas Yoga who does not tell his friend's words to anyone, whether it is small things or does not tell big things to anyone. There are many people who tell their friend's words to everyone. Because it is small for you but it can be very big for your friend, so you do not have to tell their words, it breaks their trust.

8. Forgive mistakes

Forgive the mistakes of your friends. There are many people who do not forgive their friends. You should forgive your friends. You should never live with hatred towards anyone, so forgive someone if you make mistakes. learn how to.

9. introduce yourself

Today, it's all said, "Oh, by the way, my name is Kamal, what's your name. These are all old things. Once you introduce yourself, the next one will do the same, so go beyond all these Know about his family.

10. Be good friend

how to make new friends. So remember to do your duty like when is his birthday.

11. online community

The Internet is a way to meet people. My friendship also started online, I was Miri from Deepika on online instagram and now we are very good friends, but you should know about them as it is useful and dangerous, also check online forums on your interest topics. Participate constructively and add value to the discussion.

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