how to start talking to a girl

how to start talking to a girl. Hello friends, all of you are welcome in health beauty company. Today I will tell you how to talk to an unknown girl. Because there are many people who are interested in this work, there are many people also Those who are afraid to do this work and many are left sweating in this work.

how to start talking to a girl / how to start talking to a girl 2019
how to start talking to a girl

It can be very difficult if you start a conversation with a girl you do not know.

On the other hand, if the girl does not even see you, then it becomes, even more, worrying It is an art to start talking to a girl because the girl is interested in talking to you and she gives you her time. It depends on how you talk to the girl.

Many people struggle to find a way to start a conversation and wonder what to do That girl takes a long time to understand, And the girl you like goes away with someone else And here you, go on thinking how to start talking to a girl.

However, it is very easy to start talking to girls, just you have to adopt some tips which we are going to tell you today.

In this we are going to tell you how to start talking to an unknown or any girl, then read this carefully.

It does not matter who you are, only we people should know how to talk to any girl.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror before talking to the girl

This method may seem different to you, but you should do it before meeting any girl for the first time Before you talk to the girl, check yourself in a mirror to see if you are ready to talk Because when talking to a girl for the first time, the gestures of some people are so bad that when talking, the girl runs away after seeing you, I am not insulting anyone, I am only telling you that if you If a girl wants to impress.

So you have to change your style, it is a very important thing to impress any girl, also see that there is no fear on your face before you start talking.

How easily you are able to talk if you can speak in front of the mirror properly, then, believe me, you will not have any problem talking in front of the girl.

2. Look around

how to start talking to a girl / how to start talking to a girl 2019

Yes, if you are going to talk to the girl, then see if there is anyone around you In front of which you have trouble talking to the girl Otherwise, you should go to some good park or some good place. Where there is no, one in front of whom you have trouble talking to the girl.

3. Don't panic

There are many people who are nervous while talking, due to which the girl does not have a bad heart to talk to them, so whenever there is a chance to talk, do not panic at all, starting talking without thinking this does not mean that . That you have to say anything to him, you have to talk right and with love.

4. Talk with eyes in the eyes

Yes, it may sound like a small thing to you and you must have heard it from many people but you will not believe it.
But this is not the case, which you are thinking is small or it is a lot of work, so whenever you talk to a girl, look into her eyes and talk with them, together you have to smile and talk to the girl.

5. Compliment

If you want to impress a girl, then you have to understand that every girl wants her husband to appreciate her.

But do it with your heart, so to start talking to the girl, praise her dress, beauty or if you already know that girl then praise her qualities and goodness.

 But keep in mind that do not use sexy and peppery words when praising, otherwise the girl may get nervous and will never talk to you again.

6. Give him a chance to speak

Give her a chance to speak too, yes, you have to pay attention to this or else you will never be able to impress any girl. There are many people.

Those who talk to the girl correctly but do not give her a chance to speak, due to which the girl starts getting away from them, and later stops speaking to them.

So, understand this, give the girl time to speak.

7. Make the girl smile

how to start talking to a girl / how to start talking to a girl 2019

If you want to impress a girl and you want to start liking her, then you have to talk or do something like this.

From which the girl started laughing, this started getting her attention, then the girl started liking you very soon.

But you do not have to do any crazy work or do something that makes him feel bad or angry with you.

8. Help him

If you want to start talking to a girl, then if that girl is from your class or neighborhood, then ask her for help in solving any question related to the topic. And it will not make him feel that you are trying to talk to him forcefully, and then slowly the talk will start.

9. Do in college or office

The easiest way to impress a girl is to start with small spaces. For example, while traveling in bus or train, you can help him in college or even in the office.

10. Listen well

Listen well You have to try that you listen to him carefully and answer his questions, do not overheat.

Do this too

1. Daily bathing

how to start talking to a girl / how to start talking to a girl 2019

You need to have a bath at least once a day

You must wash your hair at least 2 to 3 times a week, use a very fragrant soap.

2. Keep your mouth clea

Keep your mouth clean. Brush in the middle of the day, use mint and chewing gum for good breath.

3. Keep your eyebrows right

how to start talking to a girl. Keep the brow right, if you have got an eyebrow, then correct it, keep the hairstyle good. Shave daily.

4. Wear clean clothes

You have to wear the right and clean clothes. Many people do not take the right clothes and do not wear clean clothes so that no girl talks to them.

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