parenting tips in english

parenting tips in english / parenting tips

parenting tips in english

Parent tips in English. Everyone wants their children to be the best, they are named everywhere, all parents have different ways of raising children and teaching right and wrong. is. Some scold and some teach children the right things with love.

We share some parenting tips that will help keep your children happy and healthy.

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1. Don't get angry

There are many parents in the world who sometimes vent their office anger or anything else on their children. Which is very wrong. Parents angrily punish their child for that mistake

2. Don't shout

parenting tips in english / parenting tips
parenting tips in english

Many parents shout loudly even at the small mistake of their child. Because of this, what you are saying in the cleaning, you do not give right, which is a big mistake, because of this your child is afraid to talk to you, so you should not shout at your children.

3. Spend some time with the baby

There are many parents who do not give time to their children. If you are a working parent, then make sure that you talk to your child every night, etc. Encourage him to share his views on some issues. Ask him what he feels about marriage or friendship or anything that he feels. This will make your child feel heard and valued. Don't judge her for her beliefs

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4. Do not compare to anyone or other children

Every child is not the same in the world, every child has its own unique and unique qualities. Do not undermine his self-confidence by comparing him to other children. It is possible that your neighbor's child is topping or someone else and your child is into sports, so you do not have to do this.

5. Friends

parenting tips in english / parenting tips
parenting tips in english

Stop imposing yourself on your children. Talk to children like a friend, talk with them, what should they do or become, instead of dictating them by becoming leaders, they become good friends. By doing this, children can do all their talk easily and without any difficulty.

They have to teach what is good and what is bad. Also, their development should be excited, healthy, and independently.

By giving lots of love and affection to their children, they are happy and they develop well. Hugging your children and talking with love also calms their mind

6. Always tell your children the truth

Ask any question to the children, give the correct answer as much as possible, the mind of the children is very different, the more true and true you tell them, the more true you will tell you and people.

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7. Pay attention to the children's food and drinks

We parents need to pay attention to the food and drink of the children and also let them participate in exercise and sports because it keeps the body healthy.

Let us remember the thing that as a child grows up, stop the problems and then appreciate the thing.

Always be happy!

parenting tips in english / parenting tips i
parenting tips in english

Always be happy! Being happy generates a feeling of positive thinking in the life of any human being.

1.Do not waste time.

2. Listen to your heart and children.

3. A fight does not make a fight!

4. Keep your anger under control.

5.  Find ways to be happy.

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