side effects of hair smoothing

side effects of hair smoothing. Smooth, thick hair is a dream for many people and to make this dream come true, many people use many different oils and shampoos in hair and all these people with curly or wavy hair to smooth hair. If you choose the option of people, you must have heard most people say that applying oil on hair is beneficial, hair should be applied for hair beauty and hair care.

Hair Lube Side Effects
side effects of hair smoothing

Because lubricating the hair makes your hair shiny and attractive, but do you know that people are prone to damage and many diseases due to oil and shampoo and anything in the hair.

So today we are going to tell you this, so let's go.

1. dizziness

side effects of hair smoothing. Well, dizziness can also be caused by weakness, but if you are using oil and anything else to make the hair smooth and thick, then it can cause nausea and dizziness.

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2. Burning of eyes

If you use oil and any dangerous shampoo, then your eyes can also get burnt or there can be more diseases related to the eyes, so if you do not use too much oil and shampoo in hair then do at least any good and C. Company's take.

3. Skin rashes

Hair Lube Side Effects

 Hair smoothing treatment also uses a compound called formaldehyde which makes your skin layer, itching and reddish epidermis layer.

4. Hair fall

When your hair uses different chemicals, soil gets deposited in your hair. Because of which your hair roots become weak and your hair starts falling prematurely.

5. Russian

Chemicals used in hair smoothing treatments accumulate in the form of sediments on the scalp and dandruff, of course, produces bad problems. Can be the precursor to various hair problems.

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6. Hair thinning

side effects of hair smoothing. Hair thinning occurs when you use something in your hair or you are exposed to various chemicals caused by hair, which causes hair to start thinning and your hair density decreases. is.

7.Natural hair loss

Damage to natural hair texture. Once you choose the permanent hair straightening method, it not only straightens your hair but also loses the original hair texture.

8. Stress can be heavy

Hair Lube Side Effects

Smoothing the hair requires a lot of commitment. It takes a ton of effort to maintain smooth hair and make it look flawless but if you use more for this, then the stress involved in destroying every strand of you can be overwhelming.

9. Pimples on face

side effects of hair smoothing. If your skin is oily, you should not apply too much oil on your scalp. Because it brings out pimples on your face too.

10. Cancer

Cancer: If you use any company in the cycle of lubricating hair without going to shampoo or anything else, then you may have to face dangerous diseases like cancer, so you should at least should use these things and use a good company like shampoo or anything .

What can't

1. Daily shampoo

If your hair is dry or normal then you should not shampoo daily. Daily shampoo damages the hair and the natural moisture of the hair is also lost, if you want to use the shampoo, you should use a good company shampoo but if not use any oil and shampoo daily.

Before purchasing shampoo, take special care of its use and the things used in its preparation so that you can prevent your hair from getting spoiled.

2. More chemical use

Hair Lube Side Effects
side effects of hair smoothing

You people should not use more chemical, because of this you can not only have hair problem but also skin, and health problems, so at least use these things.

3. Dainik sempu

You do not have to use any oil daily, this can cause skin problems, so you should only apply 2 or 1 times a week.

4. Conditioner

You should use conditioner along with shampoo, shampoo only cleanses the hair and the conditioner gives shine and nourishment to the hair.

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