vitamin d deficiency causes what

Vitamin D deficiency causes. Vitamin D  of   Reduction in today's vitamin D deficiency of many problems occur, due to lack of vitamin D required by the body, you may have to face many serious problems, moreover, our food has become such that the essential elements are not supplied. Due to which there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in our body.  

The reason for vitamin D deficiency
The reason for vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin d is necessary for us    Or it affects various activities of the body and it enhances our body's power to fight our diseases. 

What is vitamin d

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that the body produces when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

When vitamin D enters the body, it is not inactive form.

Causes vitamin D deficiency 

1. Using more sunscreen

3. Living in a place where there is no sunlight 

4. Due to living in high pollution environment

5.  Reasons not to take a diet rich in  Vitamin  D 

6. Obesity also causes vitamin D deficiency 

7. If your kidneys  cannot convert  vitamin D  into its active form 

8. Consumption of medicines taken for the improvement of any disease

9.  The ability to modify vitamin D  to calciumcytr decreases with age.

10. Stay indoors

SYMPTOMS OF VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY                                                  
The reason for vitamin D deficiency


2.  Feeling   tired 

3. Grinding and wear

4. Long after full sleep 

5.  Hair Loss

Hair loss is often attributed to stress

However, when  hair loss is  severe, the disease may be the result of vitamin D deficiency.

6. It takes a long time for the blood to stop when an injury occurs.

7. Staying sick often 

8. Profuse sweating 

9. Extra sleep during the day

10. Stomach discomfort

If you get sick often, especially with a cold or flu, low vitamin D  levels can be a contributing factor.

If you have these symptoms notice you, contact your doctor so that he can determine through proper testing whether you are vitamin D deficient.   


The reason for vitamin D deficiency

1. Lack of vitamin D can also cause you heart disease.

2. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause pain and pain in hands.

3. Having trouble remembering  

4. Stress disease can be caused by vitamin D deficiency 

5. Cancer disease 

6. Obesity 

7. TV sickness 

8. Many diseases like diabetes can be caused by vitamin D deficiency, therefore you should go to the doctor as soon as possible and correct it. 

Diet of vitamin d 

Fish eg,    fatty fish, Selmon Eggs,    carrots,    butter I am milk
Milk, yogurt, cheeseMushroomCod liver oil
Vitamin d pillsOrange juiceCoca

The best source   of vitamin D is sunshine. Taking 15–30 minutes of sunlight helps with vitamin D levels in the body, so you should go for at least 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight. 

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