what food is healthy to eat

what food is healthy to eat. Eating healthy is very important to maintain good health, many people do not know what to eat or what not to eat.

what food is healthy to eat

We have time to do everything. But, there is absolutely no time to eat food in peace. 

what food is healthy to eat. Let's know some things that you keep in mind and stay healthy and can avoid diseases. Let's know.

1. Water

You have to wake up in the morning and drink warm water without brushing it, it is very beneficial for your health. Due to this, you avoid many stomach problems, so you have to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water in the morning.

2. Salmon fish

what food is healthy to eat

what food is healthy to eat. Salmon fish contains omega three facies acids. This fish is very beneficial for heart health. In addition, it keeps the heartbeat regular and also controls blood pressure. These fish provide the necessary protein to give strength to the muscles.

3. Broccoli

what food is healthy to eat. Broccoli has protein as well as vitamin 'C' equivalent to orange. You should have broccoli daily or you can have it in the afternoon, you can have it with rice or any other shard.

4. Filter

what food is healthy to eat. Eating cheese is very beneficial for us. Cheese is considered to be a good source of protein and nutrition. You should take 100 grams of cheese daily in the morning or afternoon and it does not cause hunger for a long time.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains fiber which maintains the digestion much better. You should take oatmeal daily in the morning, you can mix it in milk, you can add almonds, cashew nuts, or even some pulses in it.

6. Ghee

what food is healthy to eat. Do not use vegetable ghee in food. Eating pure native ghee or oil is better in health terms.

7. Vegetables and fruits

what food is healthy to eat

Vegetables are rich in mineral salts. Must include vegetables in food. Radish, fenugreek, carrots, spinach can also be used as a salad. Fruits are also rich in vitamins. It is not necessary that you have to eat expensive fruits, you can take guava, amla, banana, cucumber melon watermelon etc.

8. Pulses

Pulses are extremely important for vegetarian people. That they consume pulses, it is full of protein. You can use moong dal or any other type of lentil.

Health tips

Getting up and drinking light hot water in the morning is beneficial for health. With this, you avoid many stomach problems.

 After dinner

Drink 1 glass of milk after dinner. This will make you sleepy and your food will also digest and your health will also be good.


After meals, walk 15-30 minutes. With this you are always healthy.

Today, people eat food very quickly but you should chew it properly. Many health problems remain away from it.

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