White hair problem

White hair problem

White hair problem

White hair problem: And all the people in the world are troubled by the problem of hair loss. Apart from women, men also face this problem.

But now a problem is fast becoming a problem of white hair, the main reason is to drink food. People are unable to take care of their food in such a busy schedule. 

The problem of white hair before age is a similar problem.  Nowadays it is a matter of grave concern. Protein, vitamins, minerals and everything in your body should reach in sufficient quantity. So that you stay healthy.

But we are going to share its solutions which will make your hair right

Symptoms of weak heart

This is the reason why hair becomes white

1. mother-father

If the hair of the parents of the household means that the hair of the parents becomes white quickly, then the hair of the children may also be white before the age.

2. Melanin deficiency

If your hair is turning white then you may have melanin deficiency, due to lack of proper nutrition, it starts lacking in the body and the hair starts turning white. That's why you need to eat right

3. Stress: 

There is also another reason for hair to turn white. The body is severely affected by stress, which also has an effect on the hair becoming white.

4. Long illness:

 If you have a long illness, it may be that your hair will turn white or it may be a reason for white hair.

5. Anemia:  You can also have white hair due to anemia

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Treatment of white hair

1. Curd: Black Pepper

If you have problems with hair, then you have to take curd. The antibacterial property of curd can relieve dandruff, in addition, if the curd and pepper are mixed in the scalp of the scalp, the hair becomes black from the root and becomes soft.

2. onion

Onion is definitely used in white hair. Onion is very effective in increasing hair growth. This is the reason why people start treating it as a treatment for white hair.

3. Use of Ghee:

Ghee is very useful for us. Massaging the ghee with light hands in scalp keeps blood circulation right. Which helps in growing new and dark hair.

4. Amla oil

To prepare Amla oil, boil Amla with coconut oil. 2. Store this oil in a jar. Massage with two spoons daily, repeat this process two or four times a week.

5. Sesame oil

Sesame is also very beneficial for hair. So massaging sesame oil in the hair and taking sesame in food makes the hair naturally black and thick.

6. Ginger and Honey

Mix ginger and honey tightly with grated honey in juice. Apply it on the hair regularly at least twice a week.

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7. How to make homemade oil

Homemade is very right for our hair. To make this, first heat 2 spoons coconut oil in a pan for 1 minute. After this, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and let it lukewarm. Now apply it and massage with light hands. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash the hair with shampoo. Apply it at least 2-3 times a week. Or very useful

Remedy to darken white hair

1. Do not smoke:   Smoking also affects the hair a lot, therefore, stay away from smoking to maintain the natural color in the hair.

2. Correct the catering

 Due to wrong catering, the body does not get proper nutrition. It also has a bad effect on hair. You take green vegetables

Mental stress: If a man or woman takes more stress then it starts the problem of hair becoming white. So you don't have to stress

Vitamin A: B:  For hair you include dark green vegetables and yellow fruits and vegetables in your diet. Do more

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