Why my hair is thin

Why my hair is thin. Every second or third person is troubled by hair loss and hair thinning is also becoming a new problem. Everyone wants her hair to be long, thick, shiny and healthy. Your beauty is enhanced by the hair, but the problem of thinning hair has become common nowadays.

Why my hair is thin/What to do if your hair is thin?
Why my hair is thin

People say that their hair is getting thinner day by day. This happens when you are not able to take good care of hair. Physical or emotional stress, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency, pollution, allergies, etc. In this article, we have also given you other reasons for thinning hair.

If you are also troubled by problems like hair loss, thinning, why are my hair thinning? So know what is the reason and its solution.

1. Why my hair is thin? Solution

. Using Hair Styling Products

This is one of the main reasons behind hair thinning. If you use dryer, iron etc. to dry the hair, then your hair gets damaged and they become thinner. So avoid doing this.

2. Why my hair is thin? reason

The reason why my hair is thin is stressStress affects your entire health. Stress also affects your hair, due to which your hair starts thinning. Stress can be of any kind, stress affects your sleep, diet, and hormones and also causes hair thinning. Reduce stress to prevent hair thinning

3. Why do I have thin hair? reason

Dirty hair

Dirty hair is the reason for the thinning of hair. Hair should be washed twice a week with a mild shampoo. Applying hair oil is very important to nourish them.

4. Why my hair is thin? reason

. Anemic 

You may also have blood loss due to thinning of hair, so you should take milk, curd, badam, etc. and in seven you should also do yoga, exercise and in seven you should get blood decorated.

5. Why my hair is thin? reason

. Hair scrub

Many people wash their hair by rubbing it while shampooing. This causes hair to weaken from the root and start breaking and later the hair starts thinning. Therefore, do not wash the hair by rubbing it.

6. Why my hair is thin? reason

. Apply too much oil

If you apply too much oil to your hair, this could also be the reason, so do not do this because it stops the pores of the scalp and stops their growth. And later the hair also weakens from the roots and starts breaking.

2. Why my hair is thinSolution

1. Eating the right foods. The main reason for thinning hair is the lack of zinc and iron in the body. Therefore, eat food that removes zinc and iron deficiency in your body, which will increase hair growth.

2. Why my hair is thin Remedy fenugreek.

Soak 1 to 3 tablespoons of fenugreek overnight. And make a paste of them in the morning. Apply it on hair and scalp. After applying it for 35 minutes, wash the hair with lukewarm water.

 3. Why my hair is thin Remedy.

Mix one tablespoon of gooseberry powder in 2 tablespoons coconut oil and heat it and filter it. Massage the scalp with this mixture. Keep it overnight. And shampoo it in the morning.

4. Use a thick comb.

Thin hair of people may be the reason for not using a thick comb, so if you want to be thin then use a thick comb.

5. onion. If your strength is thin, then you will use onion and applying onion will strengthen your hair. Apply onion juice three times a week to the head.

6. eggs 

Why my hair is thin/What to do if your hair is thin?

Use of eggs If your hair is becoming thin, then you should use eggs, mix egg albumin in curd and make a pack and apply it on your hair.

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