blood with stool hemorrhoids

blood with stool hemorrhoids. If anyone is getting blood in the stool, then do not ignore it because they remain in the intestines for many years. In medical (medicine) it is known as Melena. If you can see more blood then it can be dangerous, in which the patient feels pain while defecating.

Why does hemorrhoids cause bleeding?
Fisher may also be the reason for bleeding from hemorrhoids. This is a common disease, it can happen to people at any age. Or is also caused by conditions born before cancer

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What does the doctor say

blood with stool hemorrhoids. A doctor's advice should be taken immediately. If someone has cancer or any tumor with this, it can also be detected by this, in this, the patient has to undergo an examination, in which the patient's bowel is cleaned.


Although there are many reasons for this, there is no right reason for this. But if you see any of these reasons. And if you think that this is due to this interest then you have to correct it

1. If any human insists on having a bowel movement

2. Anal Fuck

3. Eating more chocolate

the treatment

1. Lack of water can also cause hemorrhoids.

 2. Eat fiber-rich foods, it can also include bran whole grain beans.

3. If stress is reduced or not, then it is right because too much stress can cause hemorrhoids.

4. Yoga contributes greatly to reducing hemorrhoids, so exercise daily in the morning, in this, you have to do yoga with stomach or constipation.

5. People who sit in the bathroom or any other place for a long time.

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