face shapes for women

face shapes for women. Many palaces do not know this. What is their face like, but it is very important for palaces to know? By this, it is known which hairstyle will suit you, which will not suit you or what makeup will look good.


It all depends on the shape of your face. with the help of some determining factors, you can find out.

1. measuring tape

 To find the face size, you must first bring a flexible measuring tape. Which is used by tellers? It can be easily found in any department store. Do not try to measure your face with a rigid rectangular tape

2. Sitting in front of the mirror.

Now you sit or in front of a mirror in a good room. Place your chin level in front of the mirror.

3. Completely measure the largest part of the forehead:

This part goes from the middle of the eyebrows to the top of the hairline. You have to measure the distance from 1 side of your forehead to the other side directly from the hairline, write down these numbers.

4. Measure your cheekbones With the help of your fingers, feel the most important part of your cheekbones. It is usually present just below the outer corner of each eye. You have to measure the distance between one hipbone directly to another.

5. You want to place one end of the tape under your ear, on the corner of the jaw and bring the other end to the end of your chin. Do the same for the other part and add the result.

6. Measure the length of the face


Begin taking measurements from the middle part of your upper hairline and move down to the raised part of your chin.

7. Determine

Now you have to compare all the measurements found, write them on paper, after that you have to find out which measurements are the largest and which are the smaller. Then later compare your face proportions with the standard sizes of common faces.


1. Round face

If your face is as big as it is wide, it will be circular or square.

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2. Rectangular face

If the face is longer than the width, it will be either elliptical or oblong.

3. heart shape

Your face measurement is becoming narrower through the forehead down to the jawline, so the face is heart-shaped.

4. Triangular shape

face shapes for women . If the face is widening from the forehead to the jawline, then your face is triangular in shape.

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