how many hair in head

how many hair in head. Everybody, big or small, wants to know this thing.  Because in today's age every person wants to know one - one  thing about the  world. again, be it small or big, want to know, And this is also the case. How many hairs are there in a human's head.

how many hair in head

So today we tell you if you ever thought. How many hairs you have on your head. Many will say in this that I do not know whenever a man thinks in the world. So we only think about our head, but we have a lot of hair in our body except the hair of the head.

Are in the head. So much hair

By the way, there are 100,000 hairs on the head of a human being. And human has about 5 million hairs on his entire body. But there is no right answer to this. That there are only 5 million but, a little may be very little.

It has some hair white and red, black, brown b. Which have different numbers Which we are going to tell you below.                                                     

 Hair Color           Hair Number
1. Black hair           100,000
2. White hair           150,000  
3. Brown hair          120,000
4. Red hair              90,000

Not all humans have the same number of hairs. There may be more in individual humans. Men have a thousand two thousand more hair than women.

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Importance of hair

In Manav, all the organs in the body have their own importance. In this way, hair also has its own importance. Your scalp hair keeps your head warm and provides a little cushion for your scalp.

Hair facts

1.  Do you know that the hair of a man grows much faster than the hair of a woman.

2.  As your age grows, your hair starts turning white.

3.  There are many places in the body that do not have hair. Includes palms of hands, and your lips.

How much hair do you grow in a month?

how many hair in head. Studies have shown that humans grow about 0.4 inches (1.2 cm) a month.

People's questions

Questions - 1. How many inches of hair we grow in a day?

Answer - Humans grow about 1,800 inches in a day

Question - 2. How many hairs are broken in our day?

Answer - Between 150 strands are lost in a day.

Questions - 1. How many hairs are there on the head of a human being?

Answer: There are 100,000 on the head of a human being, in this less can be more.

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