how to suppress hunger

how to suppress hunger. Many of you would like to lose weight. Therefore, all of them will know this thing. To lose weight, one has to suppress their hunger because it is very important to lose weight. Many people start taking English medicines to suppress hunger.

Due to which their hunger is reduced but they do not lose weight, instead of this, they have to face diseases. Therefore, you have to suppress hunger by natural.

Which today we are going to tell you.

can you eat raw oats

1. To suppress hunger,  people should consume oatmeal in the morning. Because it has fiber in it which slows down the rate of digestion and absorption by your body. Because of which your stomach feels, full throughout the day.

By which you do not feel hungry, and by taking this, there will be no harm to your body, You can cook it in water or in milk.

a list of vegetables and fruits

2. Vegetables and fruits have fiber, due to which you feel full,  people. In this, you can take spinach, bananas, apples, cereal, light things. Which will reduce hunger?

1 .Apple

2. Apricot

3. Avocado

4. bamboo shoots

5. banana

6. bean sprouts

7. Legumes

8. The beat

9. Belgian Endive

10. bitter melon

11. Body shot

12. Blue barries

13. Broccoli

14. Cabbage

15. muskmelon

You can take all this

3. You can have noodle soup to reduce hunger. But at least take this.

green tea before bed

4. Now the winter season is coming, so for this morning, green tea should be used. It contains EGCG, which makes you feel satisfied instead of hungry.

can you eat dark chocolate on keto (2)

5. Eat dark chocolate. But do not eat it daily at least. Do not remain under the influence of more expensive ones. Be fewer rupees and the right company. While buying dark chocolate, do check the label checks.

6. Vegetable juice is very useful in reducing hunger, it not only reduces weight but also improves the skin. There are many benefits to drinking it. Spinach, cucumbers, and other vegetables contain vitamin drinks so that your stomach is consumed for hours.

1. We people should chew food slowly, whenever you eat food, you eat it in front of the TV, which should not be avoided while eating food in front of the TV.

how does exercise reduce stress

 2. Reduce stress because it is dangerous for your body, along with it overproduces your hormones due to which you feel hungry, instead of this you should do yoga in the morning, which is your And for your body too many benefits are retarded.

have a good night of sleep

3. how to suppress hunger. Take a good night whenever you do not sleep properly, you may feel very hungry due to this. Studies show that we eat more food throughout the day than not sleeping properly.
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